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BY DI READERS | APRIL 03, 2015 5:00 AM

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Thanks for highlighting our work!

As a member of the UI community who has striven to make our campus a place that is truly inclusive, I’d like to discuss the “Diversity” section of BEACH Party’s platform.

BEACH Party promises to “advocate on behalf of the Diversity Inclusion Education at Large Legislation to continue the advancement of general-education courses focusing more heavily on diversity and inclusion.”

I’m ecstatic that BEACH Party has embraced the diversity legislation. As author of the legislation, I worked nonstop for weeks with UISG Diversity Liaison Kyra Seay and other senators to get feedback from student groups, and faculty and staff whose work focuses on diversity and inclusion.

Even before writing the legislation, I wrote many columns for *The Daily Iowan* that focused on diversity-related topics.

Thus, I am outraged that BEACH Party is selfishly promoting its party by appropriating years of my hard work on their platform. However, since most of BEACH Party’s “Diversity” platform has ideas that have already been implemented or that are not well thought-out, I sympathize with them for shamelessly taking credit for my work.

To add insult to injury, BEACH Party also wants to “Have regular multicultural leadership roundtable meetings to ensure student government is representing and effectively serving students from every background.” UISG recently voted on the Student Organization Diversity Outreach Act to fund diversity, inclusion and leadership trainings once per semester for student organizations on campus. The legislation also requires UISG executives to attend these seminars.

So, that idea has already been implemented, too.

It’s been common for parties at UI to promise things during campaigning that never happen. BEACH Party is certainly breaking that trend by promising to do things that have already been done. I sincerely hope BEACH Party’s platform was an April Fools’ joke. Otherwise, it would just be really sad.

Sri Ponnada
UISG senator and former Daily Iowan opinions columnist

Improve access to apartment recycling, vote REAL

The vast majority of students and community members living in off-campus apartments have no access to recycling. Apartment recycling has been one of the University of Iowa Student Government’s biggest action items for the last several years, and while the end is in sight thanks to recent city action, there is still some distance to go before this long-awaited service becomes a reality.

In my two years in UISG, with one year serving as the UISG’s liaison to the Iowa City City Council, I have had the pleasure of working with many passionate people both in the city and in the UISG in trying to improve access to recycling services, and their passion and enthusiasm will be needed going forward. This is why I am supporting Liz Mills and Morgan Brittain of the REAL Party for president and vice president of the UISG.

Liz and Morgan have been active participants in all of our brainstorming, tabling, and outreach regarding apartment recycling. They have an intimate knowledge of the issue, they have all the resources they need to see it through, and they have the intelligence and strength of character to get it done in the best possible way for the student population and the entire community.

Liz and Morgan represent the best UISG has to offer, and I can think of no better executive team for both this campus and for this city. I urge all people for whom access to recycling is a priority to vote for Liz Mills and Morgan Brittain in next week’s University of Iowa Student Government elections.

Evan McCarthy

Racial disparity in police treatment

Marcus Brown’s column “No blaming the victim” (DI , April 1) was great. I’d like to share a police brutality incident that I witnessed close to the Sycamore Mall. This is about six months ago, I think.

A couple of young black men passed me while I was walking to Clinton Street. One of the young men said hello, and I said hello back. They proceeded ahead of me. 

At the next corner, a car came screeching to a stop. Another black man, much larger in size, jumped out of the car, forced the nice young man to the pavement, and proceeded to beat him up. Then a police car came, a big policeman exited the cruiser, and went over to the young man, who is flat on his back in the intersection, and proceeded to work him over. The young man was not struggling at all, so he was not a threat. He was treated very roughly while on the ground by the police and then roughly shoved him in the police car. The man who assaulted him was NOT arrested.

I called the police station to report that the young man they picked up had done nothing wrong. I also gave the street names of the intersection. I received no response at all.

In four years living here, it was the first time I had seen any policeman treating anyone like this. I was shocked.

I just do not understand why this is happening in quite a few states in America.

Mari Struxness

Phenomenal success

Saturday, March 28 Elder Services reached out to the community at three local Fareway Stores.

From 8 a.m. through 2 p.m., volunteers invited shoppers to add to their grocery cart and help the homebound elderly.

The outpouring of public support was phenomenal. In a short period of time we collected 311 boxes of cold cereal, 363 boxes of instant oatmeal, 291 packs of fruit cups (four cups per pack), and 546 bottles of fruit juice (individual serving size).

We also received cash donations. This will affect our ability to continue to serve those that are in need of assistance to stay in their homes.

I would like to thank each and every person that put items in the donation carts, the three Fareway Stores for making us welcome, the staff was amazing. And last but not least, I would like to thank the volunteers for giving of your time. We could not do what we do without each of you.

Again, thank you for so generously supporting the nutrition program at Elder Services, you truly make a difference in the lives of local homebound seniors.

Heather Binggeli
Elder Services nutrition director

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