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Online comment on ‘Soyer: Support diversity and inclusion at the UI’

In the last decade there has been a misguided, albeit carefully drafted obsession with “diversity.” Even the most clueless freshman should be immediately aware of “the other.” These directives undermine the nature and purpose of a university by infantilizing the student body. One would not be surprised if in the near future each student will be assigned a “cultural guide” to avoid the diversity pitfalls of higher education. Long before they enter the institution, students undergo a sort of Hawkeye baptism, which ensures an identity related to an oversized bird. Subsequently, they are treated as children who need direction at every turn. Seek and you shall find. Most student will participate in and interact with “the other” if they wish to do so. If they don’t, they will be poorer for it. However, this has to be their decision, and not imposed by curriculum. On a side note … Table tennis (also known as Ping-Pong) offers a great opportunity to learn about a sport dominated by Chinese players. Perhaps those students taking that class will be motivated to learn Chinese language, literature, and history.

Osvaldo Francisco Díaz-Duque 

Nutritional alternatives

I believe the university is doing a fairly decent job of providing alternatives for the wide range of nutritional and dietary needs of students.

There is always room for improvement … but there are always tons of vegetable at most of the stations. Gluten-free breads and dairy-free milks. One might have to visit each station to find these options.

This semester they have added salsa to the condiment section, and it is out at all three meals. Salsa is a great substitute for ketchup. Lower sugar and lower calories.

They have also added Greek Non-Fat Unflavored yogurt to the yogurt bar at noon. It can used as a substitute for sour cream, salad dressings, and is a great dessert when topped with fresh fruit, a few raw nuts, and maybe a splash of honey.

Would be nice if they kept the Greek yogurt out for dinner also. But one step at a time. The main point is the dining halls are not meant to be a substitute for our parents’ meals. These are meals that we have to put together for ourselves.

Make it a challenge for yourself. See what great combination ideas you can come up with and share them with friends.

Stacy Sturdevant

Online comment on ‘Guest Opinion: Greater conversations to be had’

“The ‘feminism’ Dobrian speaks to in his comments is not an accurate representation.” 

Here you’re using the “No True Scotsman” fallacy: Person A: “No Scotsman puts sugar on his porridge.”

Person B: “But my Uncle Angus likes sugar with his porridge.”

Person A: “Ah yes, but no true Scotsman puts sugar on his porridge.”

“Nonconsensual sex is rape.”

Granted. But sometimes consensual sex is characterized as rape, in retrospect, and sometimes a participant is accused of rape when he thought he was having consensual sex.

“Rape culture — defined as a culture that normalizes and tolerates rape — clearly exists.”

Well, no. Its existence appears to be in dispute, that’s why we’re having this conversation.

“We can see rape culture in that, according to the same Justice Department study, one in five college-age women and one in 16 college-age men will experience sexual assault.”

I’m afraid that statement is inaccurate. The Justice Department report does not include that famously phony statistic; in fact the report clearly repudiates it.

“The existence of rape culture is not up for debate, and claiming otherwise is deeply offensive to survivors of sexual assault and the thinking, caring communities that they are part of.”

Indeed. It’s not up for debate because it’s a fatuous assertion. Nobody tolerates or excuses rape.

Joseph Dobrian

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