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Online comment on ‘Cervantes: Ferguson troubling revelations for race relations’

“I am not going to pretend to understand the trials and tribulations that black Americans may face in their lives.” Of course you are. “Despite the decades of social reform, the injustice of discrimination is still etched into the minds of minorities in this nation” It’s in their minds, right? In spite of all that reform, they’ve still got it in their minds. Because we all know black people are lying or delusional when they describe ongoing discrimination in America. When they talk about growing up feeling like there’s a target on their back. You don’t address the quality of the grand jury decision at all. You’re just saying you agree with it because you believe black people are complaining about nothing. You just sound arrogant.

You do know when Stephen Colbert does the bit about “I don’t see race,” he’s spoofing right-wing racists? I’d suggest you consider why that is and maybe read some more and talk to more people outside your circle before publishing stuff that, by all rights, you should be ashamed of when you grow up.

Randy Kauper

Re: the grand-jury decision

This note is in response to Christopher Cervantes article about the grand-jury decision in Jefferson, Missouri.

Please remember that the job of the grand jury is only to decide if there is enough evidence to go to trial. It is NOT its job to determine guilt or innocence.

Paul Lemme

Littering is shameful

Littering is shameful. And illegal: Fines in Iowa run from $65 to $625, fines are highest within 100 feet of a body of water. Violators may also be required to perform litter cleanup and face imprisonment of up to 30 days. In Illinois, the fine for pitching a cigarette butt is $1,100 with fines for littering of up to $1,500.

Littering is rampant on our campus, despite garbage cans being nearby. It is disgusting and shameful to find numerous discarded plastic bottles, food containers, cigarette packs/butts, and beer or pop cans. Storms wash garbage down rivers to the ocean, collecting eventually along beautiful beaches and in the Gyres.

Several of us have taken to picking up garbage as we walk. Please join us in protecting our home planet: Limit waste production and use disposables, recycle when possible, and especially clean up litter when ever you get the chance. Speak up if you see littering and educate others on the harm it causes.

Sue Little

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