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BY DI READERS | OCTOBER 03, 2014 5:00 AM

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Online comment on ‘Editorial: Vote yes on local sales tax’

So, pass the tax “just because”? Seriously, that’s what this opinion amounts to. Pass it because it “will not change the status quo …” That’s a reason? Hardly. Never mind demanding accountability for the money local governments have already been given. Never mind the serious flaw of too much dependence on state funding needs to be addressed rather than hiking local taxes. Never mind the ballot language. Never mind that in Iowa City, raising a tax to pay down another tax makes absolutely no sense.

Mike Thayer

Online comment on “Korobov: Obama should seek approval for strikes”

“Whether we like to admit it or not, our culture thrives on the feeling of executing revenge." - Michael, I believe you would be well served, in your journalistic endeavors, to avoid using a brush so wide as to paint an entire culture one color. Bin Laden was killed, it is true. Better defined — he was murdered. Bush warned about leaving too soon. The head of the snake was gone, but this snake grew another.

Ross Rayner

Online Comment on ‘Student debt is misunderstood’

What Sally Mason doesn’t seem to understand is that her salary and the six-figure salaries of the whole class of administrators just below her is a huge driver of that debt and a huge part of the change in how much college costs from when she went to school. For her to preach poverty to students while charging tuition that’s unaffordable without loans and funneling so much of the money away from the people actually doing the teaching is the height of blindness.

Eric Johnson

Letter to the editor

With so much information in the news about domestic violence, thanks to the NFL, it’s hard to think there’s anything left to say – anything that someone hasn’t already heard or read.  But this is a conversation that has been going on for decades – a conversation that not many people pay attention to if it doesn’t personally concern them.  A conversation that seems, at times and to some people, something they’d like to ignore.  

But it is happening – it’s happening to one in three women.   Three women die every day at the hands of an intimate partner.   Domestic -Violence shelters are still full, and hotlines are ringing.   And it’s young women between the ages of 18-35 who suffer from the highest rates of domestic violence.
This is a conversation that needs to continue, especially since October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.    We each need to be a voice for those who may have lost theirs.  As President Obama’s new initiative states – “It’s On Us” to end the violence.  It’s going to take all of us to make sure that violence is never the answer.

For more information visit www.ClintonFranciscans.com.          

Laura Anderson, Sr. Nancy Miller, and Lori Freudenberg

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