Marble talks NBA draft, his clothing line, and more

BY DANNY PAYNE | JUNE 25, 2014 5:00 AM

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DI: You’ve worked out for 15 teams — what has stuck out to you the most in the entire process?

Marble: Just all the traveling, it kind of weighs on you — the workouts are intense, and then you’re traveling from city to city, going across the country and doing back-to-back.

You’re traveling so much, like I said you’re going to have a workout back-to-back but those might be across the country. One time, I had Utah one day, and the next morning I had Cleveland. It’s kind of like an NBA schedule almost, you’re just not playing games.

DI: Have there been any teams where you know after that workout, “I just played really well today or interviewed really well”?

Marble: I had pretty good workouts in San Antonio, Detroit, Atlanta, Washington, and maybe one other place that I know I did really, really well in.

DI: Just shooting well? Or what aspect?

Marble: It just depends on the workout. All workouts you do 3-on-3 and 1-on-1 stuff, so I kind of base it on that  — the competitive stuff. The drill work itself, they look at it, but at the end of the day, you might have a bad day, you might have a day where you’re not on, so I don’t think they put too much into your drill shooting.

They do want to see you make shots as much as possible, but at the same time, when it comes down to competing, are you willing to compete? Are you playing hard? Are you being a team player? Are you helping your team to win? That’s what they really look at in these types of workouts.

DI: Going off of that, [ESPN draft expert] Chad Ford wrote, “Marble is one of the most versatile wings in the country but has suffered from “doesn’t do any one thing special’ syndrome.” What is your response to that?

Marble: Well I’m special at knowing how to play basketball, I get things done at the end of the day. I may not be the fastest, quickest, but at the end of the day, I get stuff done, and I know how to win.

DIHas it been individual workouts with teams and interviews or something else?

Marble: I go to different teams and work out with five other guys, so there’d be six of us in a workout each place I go.

DI: Have those been the same five guys or different players at different places?

Marble: It varies but you see some of the same guys pretty often. At the end of the day, only 60 people can get drafted, so you’re only going to work out with pretty much the guards that are like you so you see some of the same faces numerous times.

There are times when I’m in workouts where I haven’t seen somebody yet.

DI: From your perspective, do they put more stock into the workout or into the interview?

Marble: Probably more the interview. Just because they’ve seen us play so much, scouting, and watching us play throughout our college careers that one workout, that if you did struggle, they’re not going to base that solely off whether they’re going to take your or not take you.

I think the interview process is very important, they get to see how you talk to people and how you answer questions, your intelligence and overall basketball IQ, and your awareness of what’s going on.

DI: What are your plans on draft night?

Marble: Just be with my family and some of my friends and watch it on TV.

DI: Do you see yourself playing more point guard or shooting guard in the NBA or does it depend on the team?

Marble: It does depend on the team, some of these workouts, the guys wanted to look at me playing point guard, they liked me as a big point guard. Then some had me playing the 2. But I see myself as a 2, but there are teams out there that like me at the point-guard position.

DI: Moving away from basketball, you’re launching a clothing company; what’s the deal with that?

Marble: I’ve been working on it. Through the NCAA rules, I might have done it in college. It was something I was working on, but you know how the NCAA is — you have to wait. So it’s just something I’m in a position to do now that I have the time and opportunity to do so.

I’m not just a basketball player, I’m a guy of many talents, and I’m just trying to exercise them, and it’s something I enjoy doing. I’m into clothes and fashion, and I just look at it like if I’m going to invest in something like that I might as well invest in myself. If I’m going to buy everybody else’s stuff, I might as well make my own.

DI:  Are you and Melsahn [Basabe] going to team up on that?

Marble: Mel isn’t a part of this project, but you never know. That’s one of my best friends, so we’re always in the loop and working on things, so maybe in the future.

DI:  You got to meet Pharrell, how was that?

Marble: It was cool; he’s a real nice guy. We had just come off watching him perform, and it was just an interesting feeling. It’s a guy you just grew up listening to whether it was in music or producing songs or whatever it may be. He’s an iconic man in the hip-hop industry. It was a real feeling.

DI: Were you starstruck at all?

Marble: No. I don’t really get to me, but it’s still cool to meet a guy who you admire their work and their work ethic and what they’ve accomplished and meet them and talk to them and how they think and how they present themselves is always a great thing for a young man like me.

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