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BY DI READERS | MARCH 27, 2014 5:00 AM

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Re: Social welfare and the Muppets

“Spend our way out of poverty …” Is there a magic pool of money out there or is this a continuation of taking from one person and giving to another? If thats the case, then I see no reason to emulate Europe. The reason we are wealthy is that we have maintained a capitalistic economy. Take that away, and you’ll see productivity drop to the level that we increase the poverty in America.

Brad Franzwa

One might add that Europe has the benefit of seeing several uprisings (i.e., French Revolution) where protest of the same misalignment of wealth that exists in America took to the streets.

What saves the U.S. is that 50-60 percent of the population is so busy surviving that they’re clueless of what is really going on.

Sadly, I’d have to say both Republicans and Democrats share blame and even more so the tea party, which feeds at the federal trough while calling for others to be prohibited feeding also.

America seriously needs a third major party or People’s Political Party to represent the needs and values of the majority of the people.

I’m not for taxing the rich excessively, but I do demand a declaration that opportunity in America isn’t what it is or should be. Also government seems to talk of entrepreneurship while disregarding the need for trained workers in those same new businesses. As we currently see, the working or unemployed lag years behind the skill set training needed to maintain America’s place in the world for a large middle class.

And basically only government holds the power to realign this mismatch of workers skills and business demand.

Capitalism only works across a broad base, not a narrow margin.

Joseph Haga

Businesses shouldn’t impose anything on anyone. Each and every person in this land is in business for themself and this kowtowing to a few that paint themselves as special in business needs to be brought to an end. Like Abe Lincoln and his generation, it is this generation’s turn to once again ensure that government of the people, by the people, and for the people does not perish from the Earth.

Pretenders to public service, like Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz with his voter-suppression efforts, make such a sickening mess of the political process that many people get so disgusted that they do not want to get involved in any way. It is time to nationally get to gather and join together in throwing the rascals out.

It is time for a national house cleaning that extends from sea to shining sea and north to south and into every dirty corner in the land. Young America, your nation needs you and you are its future. Time to dance on the grave of political favoritism toward a few at the expense of many, and you young Americas are many.

Sam Osborne

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