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BY DI READERS | MARCH 10, 2014 5:00 AM

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Staying put isn’t stagnating

Today’s society is convinced that the model for a good life involves going to college and then taking the highest paying job available. Where the job is or who the job is for seems irrelevant compared to the salary it will provide. The idea is that’s where your home will be and you’ll fit into your community. In cases where people don’t feel at home or that they don’t belong, they start looking for somewhere else to live, and they’ll repeat this process until they have found what they want. This is the accepted lifestyle among Americans, but aren’t there other options? One idea people shy away from is the idea of staying put, building their own home where they are.

The concept of staying put has a negative connotation with it because people think you’re supposed to go onto bigger and better things. But what if staying put is the best thing. As Scott Russell Sanders, the author of Staying Put, once said, “When the pain of leaving behind what we know outweighs the pain of embracing it, or when the power we face is overwhelming and neither fight nor flight will save us, there may be salvation in sitting still.” What he is saying is that there is no reason to leave something you’re happy with just because you feel like there is possibly something better. You can build a home and community around where you already are. Let the sense of belonging come to you rather than chasing it wherever you think it may be.

This doesn’t mean that you should never travel or even live other places. Those experiences can teach you as much about yourself as anything else could and obviously staying put isn’t right for everyone, but when it comes to truly settling down, don’t forget to think about where you came from.

Jackson Miller

Re: Tip-toe diplomacy

One hundred years of Theodore Roosevelt’s big stick huh? OK, but if we Americans love our sticks so much, why didn’t we show off our clobbering skills earlier in the Great War?

If we are really such amazing stick aficionados, why didn’t we display our destructive disposition in 1939 instead of waiting to be attacked? Why didn’t we brandish our kickass stick when the Iron Curtain fell?

The truth is that Teddy used that stick on fifth-rate powers in Latin America that wouldn’t have been able to muster a banana frond against us, and on the oh-so-scary Spanish whose own stick had been rotten for about 200 years.

But you don’t care about that; the “big stick” is just a frame to bash Obama with anyway.

But let me tell you that in the real world one does not simply kick Putin out of Crimea. In the real world, George W. Bush put up with Putin invading Georgia in 2008. In the real world, Obama is responsible for the most comprehensive sanctions ever put in place against any country.

But hey, at least you know that interlocutor is a diplomatic term. So you’ve got that going for you.

Sean McAllister

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