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BY DI READERS | MARCH 07, 2014 5:00 AM

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Re: Homeless find shelter in City Hall

At least it’s not in front of Herteen & Stocker.

John Deeth

Help, support the victims

So I’m going to go out on a limb here. I heard Sally Mason’s comments to the DI, and I didn’t think there was anything wrong with what she said. Of course, we’d like to see sexual assault gone completely, taken out of our societal vernacular to a point where we hear about it like lynching, something that happened decades ago and ceases to be a concern.

However, this doesn’t seem to vibe with what the reality is. Let’s face it, if the threat of prison is not enough to dissuade someone from engaging in a sexual assault, is there anything the university can do that will further keep someone from doing this or committing said act against someone else? Are you really going to be more afraid of expulsion from the university than you will from years in prison? I don’t understand what the noise around her statements was meant to accomplish. And I further don’t understand the state Board of Regents getting involved and what they expect for a university president to do? What is her better course of action that she should be engaged in?

Sometimes when we deal with sensitive issues, it appears that it’s better for officials to say nothing at all, because if they say something, there will always be someone who thinks they didn’t say enough. After all, Mason said we are attempting to get better at handling these situations and in helping the survivors get through these difficult situations. It seems like those who are protesting want to only hear about punishment, but not what the university is doing to protect the survivors, to help them find away to get past the event, to get back to some sense of normalcy and to not let that be a defining moment in their lives.

I don’t say blame the victim, but I do say to keep the focus on helping the victims to recover from said terrible events. Let the law enforcement deal with the perpetrators, and let’s devote our efforts to supporting those involved in these terrible, life-altering events.

Nate Mims

Enough, already

Is rape the only thing that is happening at the University of Iowa these days? It is on the front page of The Daily Iowan and in the Opinion section basically every day. I know that this is an important topic, but I feel like the horse has been dead for a week and the lashings continue. There is so much more than abuse and negativity going on at the U of I. Journalism doesn’t always have to focus on the bad to make a story newsworthy. Of course the bad does get the attention of the readers, but lately, The Daily Iowan has been nothing more than a charcoal starter. I’m sure the faculty have gotten the point that this is an issue that needs to be fully addressed. So, let’s make the news something exciting to read. There are only so many ways to spin this story to make it new and interesting enough to read, and for me, I have read enough.

Nathan Fisher

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