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SNAP cuts miniscule

“The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported that a family of four can receive up to $668 each month, which is going to be cut by $36, and it doesn’t even cover the $739 projected monthly food bill for a typical Johnson County family of four.”

The math seems pretty easy, assuming your article is correct. 

Monthly food bill: $739

SNAP assistance: $632

Remaining amount needed to feed family of 4 per month: $107.

So the SNAP “assistance” program provides the family 86 percent of their monthly food bill. I’d call that more than assistance. Even with the $36 cut each month, does the DI Editorial Board suggest that the “assistance” program should provide more than 86 percent of the bill? I’m curious if the families receiving SNAP (and the DI Editorial Board) realize what the acronym stands for? How can you really say that SNAP is not especially generous? I’m a budget person by trade for our university.  If I got a subsidy of 86 percent for anything, I’d call that extremely generous. The $1.25 per meal isn’t really supposed to cover the whole cost of the meal, is it? 

I’m just trying to wrap myself around the numbers here.  Using your numbers, the SNAP cut ($36) amounts to a less than 1 percent cut to their overall monthly spending of $4,514.  I’d hardly call a 1 percent cut to the overall budget a significant impact. Do you? If I were a parent relying on the SNAP program, I’d probably be looking at other expenses in my budget that could possibly offset this 1 percent cost to my monthly budget.

If you come across any families struggling to find a way to shave 1 percent off their monthly expenses, send them my way. I’m more than happy to help these families with their personal budgets. I bet you that we could achieve some success with professional financial people helping those that perhaps aren’t as savvy with money. In fact, I bet I could save them more than 1 percent.  

Brad Franzwa

City Council dictatorship

The downtown ordinances implemented by the Iowa City City Council are barbaric and grossly against my and every single citizen’s liberties. Our “City Council” has turned into a puppet force of governing for the whims and wild desires of the officials of the University of Iowa. They blatantly infringe on my rights to do as I please in this free country. Since when has a governing force ever in this great land been able to say, “Sorry, sir, we don’t allow ‘you people’ in this establishment anymore.”

Wait, yes I can remember a time. Back when we discriminated against people because of the color of their skin — that’s right, our City Council has essentially reintroduced a new form of segregation because of some misguided attempt to “protect its citizens from themselves.” The 21-ordinance is an awful attempt to control forces that a government should not be allowed to control.

But, even worst than the 21-ordinance is the 500-feet ordinance. This law is just outrageous anyone that is a warm-blooded, freedom-loving American cannot in any way shape or form find a way to support this ordinance. This ordinance literally states that I cannot open up a bar or bar-related business within a certain area of an existing bar/restaurant. Did I move to the U.S.S.R. or Iowa City? Since when can a government restrict the ability of the free-market-economy system to operate freely? Can anyone explain this? I didn’t think so. Repeal the madness. Bring back freedom to Iowa City, Iowa, USA. God Bless America.

Michael Brogan

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