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BY DI READERS | JUNE 10, 2013 5:00 AM

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RE: Evans: Farewell, my friends

In a very disgruntled farewell to the University of Iowa (DI, May17) Benjamin Evans states that “the UI has taught me nothing more than what I could have taught myself given a well-stocked library and a massive amount of free time, costing nothing more than the amount of a library card and the odd late fee.” But could you really have without a university, Mr. Evans? Where would you find such a library (hint: not the Iowa City Public Library, fine institution that it is)? Do you really have the discipline to spend four or five years studying that material on a daily basis? Who would you approach with questions if you didn’t understand something and to check your ultimate comprehension? Your mistake, which is a common one, is to think an education consists of a bunch of stuff to know, instead of the process by which you improving your thinking skills. You still have a lot to learn.

John Solow
UI professor of economics

I would wager big money that in 20 years, if he has the opportunity to reread his column, he will think, “I was an arrogant young man who didn’t understand at the time.” I think we all were at one point in our lives. It’s called being thrust into adulthood.

Jim Flansburg
Des Moines resident

RE: Marijuana

A recent report published in the New York Times shows that in Iowa, African Americans are 5 times as likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than white offenders. In 2010, the year the data were based on, it was found that black offenders were 5 times as likely to be arrested as white offenders. I saw a news interview with an Iowa police representative, and he stated that it’s because black people are more likely to offend. However, everyone knows that if you want to get away with selling or using pot in Iowa, then all you have to do is only deal with white people, only hang out in their neighborhoods, and only buy from or sell to white kids, and no cop will every bother you. The reason? White kids are less likely to be searched when stopped and therefore less likely to be questioned about where they got their drugs.

Nate Mims

RE: Moen developments on the rise in Iowa City

I’m sick and tired of our City Council misusing TIF. TIF was designed to channel funding toward improvements in distressed, underdeveloped, or underutilized parts of a jurisdiction in which development might otherwise not occur.

Online user johchadow

RE: Editorial: Regulation of homeschooling should not be removed

The issue is not “all parents.” The issue is a small handful of parents who are using homeschooling as a means towards insidious ends. Look at all the experiences documented by Homeschoolers Anonymous to understand while some minimal level of oversight is necessary, and even should be welcomed by true homeschoolers.

Online user Brett Lord-Castillo

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