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BY DI READERS | APRIL 03, 2013 5:00 AM

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Logic and biology in abortion laws

In response to “Headed For extremity with new abortion laws” (DI,April 2), the column’s author, Brianne Richson, would have her readers believe that it is extreme to ban abortions after six weeks of gestation, which is the point a fetal heartbeat can be detected. 

Richson uses the common pro-choice assertion that abortion should be allowed because it involves a woman making a decision about her own body. 

I have a question for Richson. How many heartbeats can be detected in one person’s body? Of course, the answer is one. That a heartbeat independent of a pregnant woman’s own heartbeat can be detected indicates that two bodies are involved, not just one.  I suggest that it is extreme, rather, to use vacuum suction, curettes, and powerful drugs to pull apart little bodies and to stop beating hearts. 

Furthermore, Richson suggests that defining life as beginning at conception is blurring the line of separation between church and state. 

On the contrary, it is established scientific fact that at conception, a new life with different DNA begins to grow. This is not religious dogma but basic biology. 

Perhaps supporters of abortion need to brush up on both logic and biology and try harder to come up with some convincing arguments for why it is acceptable to kill children before they are born. 

Fr. Ignatius Valentine
Iowa City resident

Sensitive comprehensive plan

Is a 20-story high rise at College and Gilbert Streets sensitive to the East Side neighborhood and Recreation Center? The Iowa City Comprehensive Plan says this currently public lot should be a transition area to the two-story residential older neighborhood. Instead, city “Staff intends to file a request for CB-10 Zoning on the property.”

Why did the council choose to exclude the 41-year institution of New Pioneer Co-op? Twenty-six thousand people can’t be wrong in their membership choice. Why protect the 6-year-old Bread Garden for Moen and Mondinaro profit? Aren’t two Ped Mall patios and use of parking by Micky’s enough for Mondinaro profit?

New Pioneer Co-op would be the best anchor store at College and Gilbert. 

This project should be zoned CB 2, no taller than 45 feet high, as are apartment buildings across Gilbert.

CB 5 has a 75-foot height maximum. We need a 50 percent energy sustainable building with a majority of workforce housing. 

The College/Gilbert project should not take city money away from intended River Front Crossing project for workforce housing. What is going on in our city?

Call your councilor in person or write your input to council@iowa-city.org.  

Attend Planning and Zoning Commission will consider of the CB 5 zoning of College/Gilbert 7 p.m. Thursday at City Hall. Come wearing Green for Sun and Sustainability.

Lenora Peters
Iowa City resident

The real tea party

We who do not understand history are condemned to repeat it.  The Boston Tea Party was not a tax rebellion but a citizens’ revolt against their government’s collusion with big business. Those ships in Boston Harbor belonged to the British East India Company, as did their cargo.

The Tea Act was tax exemption for this struggling giant; Parliament’s attempt to prop it up.

Needless to say it did not bode well for local small businesses, local working people or the tea-drinking public.  Sound familiar?

Bigger is not better for the competitiveness of the marketplace.  Bigger eliminates all but the lowest wage jobs.  Bigger results in a net loss of local taxes paid.

Maybe it is no longer enough to buy Fair Trade coffee and recycled toilet paper, to go to the Farmers’ Market and the local bookstore, to join a Community Supported Agriculture. Leave the bread in the garden and go to a City Council meeting before we reach a complete dead-end of private affluence and public squalor.

Mary Jo Daly
Iowa City resident

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