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BY DI READERS | MARCH 27, 2013 5:00 AM

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‘Expanding bottle bill a mistake’

Iowa Grocery Industry Association President Michelle Hurd today advocated for expanded comprehensive curbside recycling, warning that bottle-bill expansion is pulling focus away from less-expensive, more-effective options.

“I don’t think the complete story was presented to the public today,” said Hurd about a press conference hosted at the State Capitol this morning to introduce a late-session legislative effort to expand Iowa’s bottle-deposit law.

“What we didn’t hear was how the expansion will affect consumers,” she says.

Hurd referred to a 2006 study from Massachusetts that found the cost associated with adding new types of containers to a typical bottle-bill program is more than 7 cents per container. “Non-carbonated beverages are not bottled and distributed on a state-by-state basis but from centralized distribution centers as demanded,” Hurd said. “It costs money to create packaging, distribution, and redemption models that are specific to one state, and those additional costs will be passed along to consumers.”

In response to claims that the proposed expansion would add jobs, Hurd countered, “Expanding curbside recycling would also be an economic-development engine, generating jobs while including a much wider variety of recyclable materials.”

Analysis of a proposal to expand Massachusetts’ deposit law found that for $58 million in new operating expenses that would be incurred, only one-eighth of 1 percent would be added to that state’s recycling rate, Hurd said.

Ann Seuferer, communications specialist
Iowa Grocery Industry Association

Senator Grassley is not reliable on spending

Sen. Chuck Grassley’s self-serving defense of his role in stemming runaway federal spending would be risible if it were not entirely composed of barnyard effluent. 

How can anyone who blindly supported the catastrophic fiasco foisted upon us by the draft-dodging
duo of Georgie Boy Bush and five-deferment deadeye Dickie claim to be fiscally responsible?

It was not only a financial catastrophe but a military disaster for this nation. But this senator with military combat record that would turn Cheney boy green with envy still maintains that Saddam was worse than Hitler, which demonstrates the good senator’s lack of understanding of war and military affairs.

After a debilitating eight-year war with Iran, where was Iraq’s industrial capacity to prosecute a war against the United States.

This so-called fiscal conservative had no qualms about financing this horrific misadventure with tax cuts for the wealthy and by borrowing money from China.

Truth be told, we are still suffering the financial consequences from “slashing of the federal budget” by the good senator and his fellow miscreants. Nice try, senator, but calling yourself fiscally responsible does not cut it.

It is past time to put this individual out pasture, and did I mention his support for an unfunded prescription bill?

Don Friedman
Johnson County resident

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