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The clear winner in 2012

I am afraid you are wrong in your estimate of who should have won the election in 2012 (“The man who should have won,”DI, Nov. 9). President Obama has done what FDR did 1933: saved capitalism. His election proved the Marxist wrong: Capitalism cannot be bought and sold. Gov. Mitt Romney, as did President Herbert Hoover, has business experience. But Hoover’s savvy as a businessman only drove the U.S. deeper into the Great Depression, and indeed the world was driven into financial collapse.

Obama came into office with the burden of 30 years of financial shenanigans on Wall Street and two unfinanced wars that were sanctioned by two businessmen: George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. We live in the globalized economy encouraged by these men.

Therefore, if the economies of our customers in Europe and Asia are suffering, who will be able to buy our goods? They are in financial distress mainly because they trusted in the good faith of the United States and invested in Wall Street, as well as bought our bonds, which are paying minus percent interest.

The president of the United States cannot make snap judgments like a mere candidate because he is commander and chief of the Armed Forces, not just some presidential want-a-bee. To go before the American public and make injudicious claims of terrorism like the Bush administrations is criminal. Peoples’ lives are on the line, including our own military.

Americans have come to enjoy clean water and air, and Romney’s ideas for economic growth were to change these. And the only way he could have offered 12 million jobs instantly is to re-establish the military draft, cut off unemployment funds, food stamps and establish Concentration Camps as Herbert Hoover did in 1928, and of course end the American-Enterprise-Institute-led U.S. Chamber of Commerce boycott of job creation and any Obama-suggested jobs programs.

No one wants to stop our well-educated American population from creating jobs but the American Enterprise Institute and the Chamber of Commerce.

We are now in the 21st century; Russia is no longer our enemy. Our enemy is those who still insist on 20th century thinking in a globalized 21st world. Diplomacy always requires cool heads, and the U.S. Senate has to approve treaties.

There is no left-wing or right-wing media; just media that do not agree with our varying opinions. In a country whose Congress is controlled by Grover Norquist and AIPAC so that a foreigner, Netanyahu, can come before it and preach regime change and get 30 standing ovations and have neither side of media object is astounding to me, at least. And to have a foreign country, Israel, trying to interfere in our election without the media’s objection is more of a marvel.

The man who should have won lost because he belongs to a Republican Party promising a return to the 1950s, when women and minorities had no voice and neo-colonialism was the custom. The American body politic has just grown up. And we don’t take bull from anybody right or left.

Mary Gravitt
Iowa City resident

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