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Trees don’t freeze, people do

The Daily Iowan ran an article titled “Treehuggers” (Nov. 5) about the knitters in the area who made sweaters for the trees.

While I understand that this is for a public-art project, please understand this. The Iowa City trees are hardly affected by cold weather, but the homeless and needy are. Instead of making odd sweaters for trees, why not donate knitted blankets, scarves, or gloves for the homeless, needy children in the youth shelter or battered women in DVIP? Imagine what $3,000 project budge would buy, such as food for the women at DVIP or school supplies for children in foster care. This is an insult to people in need, who could have used the project money or even blankets to brave it through the winter.

There are programs out there that ask for knit donations, such as the Red Scarf Project — a project that gives red scarves to the few foster children who make it to college. Please remember that there are people less fortunate than us, even in our own community, who are in need and can benefit from the little things we over look, such as tree sweaters.

Next time knitters, please skip the trees and use your yarn for a better cause.

Jessica Brierton

RE: ‘Letters to the Editor,’ Nov. 6

The author of the missive “Religion in politics” has devised a straw man and then set to snipping the imagined windings of twine that he contends hold it standing.

To wit, one person’s “world view” is another person’s “master plan” and another’s “master plan” is another’s “world view,” and one can attribute their design to the big pumpkin in the patch or a god above all, and if neither view does not find space within the confines of some head they will be unknown — even in the public square on the far side of the Moon and whether or not that lunar body is made of straw.

But the arguable contextual difference between “view” and “plan” does not exist anywhere — the author has asserted a distinction without a difference; he has just begged it.

One need not be religious to be religious in the manner the author begs or religious at all to consider the aspects of being human that he seems to confine to those that he finds acceptably religious. From the devoutly religious, through agnostics, to atheists, and what might be found beyond and in-between, varying individuals embrace some personal view about “the meaning of life and how it should be lived.”

Thus so, my “world view” gets engaged scientifically, morally, emotionally, ascetically within my whole ball of wax that becomes wound and unwound in reflective moments cast in the shadow by of wisdom of awe that I may encounter in a line of poetry, brilliant sunrise on the freshest of day, a moment of worship at Mass, and an exchange of nothing more than a glance at the one I love.

Whatever religious belief one has or does not have is accommodates within and is a part of a particular worldview and is not the worldview of all that live within a land of as many views as there are people that are assured that their government shall make no law regarding the establishment of religion. And if one argues in the public square to skirt this to accommodate their ideas that they kind rooted in place by their idea of a god, another in the public square quite free to tell them to go into their closet and stick it in their ear.

Sam Osborne

RE: ‘Commentary: Meet the new loss, same as the old loss’

Bottom line is that this just isn’t a very good team this year. Vandenberg is under a lot of pressure and is also throwing poorly. He had 2 touchdowns if he makes good throws, but underthrew both receivers and almost threw two interceptions in the last minute. The fault is not all his, but why not at least give the backup some playing time. Oh, well, there’s always next year.

Mark Weimer

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