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Trickle down bulls**t

In a recession or depression, Libertarians and Republicans always prefer to adjust tax policy, encouraging any job-creator with access to money to increase production, bolstering hiring, lowering prices, until poorer consumers can afford to buy, restarting the economy. This always works and is known as “supply-side economics,” which, since Reagan, disingenuous Democrats disparagingly call “trickle down.”

Like Obama, they always want to “stimulate demand” with government spending on “give-away” programs to their non-productive political base, paying for it with more borrowing, more worthless paper money printing, and raising taxes on producers.

This “demand-side economics,” which Romney calls “trickle down government,” only competes for and consumes available private capital, punishes production, further suppressing supply, while artificially and very temporarily raising demand. This always and only causes inflation, pushes prices farther out of reach of our poor, and devalues every dollar in all our pocketbooks. This never works, and never will.

FDR tried it for eight years, yet only war production brought us out of the Great Depression.

Only increased production ever cures a down turn from an inflationary bubble, like the present one in energy, food and land prices.

Without a massive increase in energy and agricultural production, we face certain world hunger, and that will guarantee more war.

Let’s stop the “trickle down” bulls**t and start teaching people simple truthful economics, before infantile partisan politics kills millions of innocents, again.

Larry M. Aden
Jolley, Iowa

Romney is good on women’s issues

As a woman, I believe one of the most blatant lies of this campaign season deals with Mitt Romney and women.

Not only has Gov. Romney been surrounded by women in key positions throughout his career, he also supports equal pay for women.

Unlike President Obama’s administration, which has been most unkind to women as we see the highest unemployment rates for women in 17 years with 5.7 million women now living in poverty (both of these numbers have steadily increased during his watch).

But best of all, Romney truly respects woman. This is no more apparent than in the tasteless, degrading, and offensive Obama political ad sexualizing the voting process by likening women losing their voting virginity to him.

Give me Romney’s “war on women” any day, since at least I know he will be professional and do the job of a president — giving us jobs (which he has proven with whole career) and protecting the people.

Hilary James

International strife felt in Iowa

Oct. 29 is marked as a day of occupation of the last Azerbaijani town in Karabakh by Armenian army. By end of 1993, after ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijanis from Nagorno Karabakh, Armenian forces occupied six districts around former NKAO advancing on the last surrounded district of Zangelan on October 29.

Zangelan with population of 35,000 people in 83 villages was occupied causing hundreds of deaths. On Nov. 12, 1993, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 884 calling for immediate withdrawal of Armenian forces and reiterated the stance of international community condemning Armenian occupation with three prior resolutions 822, 853, 874. On March 14, 2008, the UN General Assembly iterated its position on territorial integrity of Azerbaijan in Resolution A/62/L.42. Armenia is yet to comply.

As a member of Azeri-American community, I urge the U.S. government to exert pressure on Armenia to force it to comply with UN resolutions, withdraw from internationally recognized Azerbaijani territories, and allow return of Azerbaijani refugees to their homes.

Agshin Taghiyev

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