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BY DI READERS | OCTOBER 04, 2012 6:30 AM

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Re-elect Congressman Loebsack

After reading views about Rep. Dave Loebsack, D-Iowa, in the *DI* on Oct. 01, I wondered how much people know how the House of Representatives works. Because the piece indicated that
Dave Loebsack hadn’t been working directly with the needs of Iowans and folks in smaller cities, towns and rural areas. Incoming U.S. House representatives are low people on the totem pole.

They get the lesser committee assignments and must work their way up. That’s predicated on an older member leaving office voluntarily or being defeated. Loebsack has been in Congress for six years now. He has done his best to reach across the aisle to build coalitions with centrist legislators. That’s difficult.

Dave Loebsack has done a great job for helping folks with Social Security issues and working with veterans to get them their due benefits when things get fouled up in the system.  He’s worked very hard for clean wind energy and bringing planet-friendly jobs to Iowa. Same with crusading for broadband coverage in rural areas. Same with health-care coverage, recruiting doctors, nurses, and para-professionals to rural and small town Iowa. 

It’s important to realize that professionals in these fields are penalized for reimbursement for care rendered in rural areas and the difficulty keeping small hospitals open. Try finding a bed for a mentally ill person in Iowa — beyond difficult.

Dave understands the hardships of poverty, having grown up poor, living with his grandmother, who raised him and his siblings on her Social Security income and getting Pell Grants so he could get an education. I know, because he talked to our coordinator and me about nonprofit hospice reimbursement, when it was cut by President George Bush as he left office.

How can the sick and dying be cared for without nonprofit hospices? Dave was there for us, and I thank him for his service and pray for his re-election.

Bobbie Paxton
Iowa City resident

Hospitality to Penn State

As we have our football game against Penn State coming up on Oct. 20, here is an opportunity for the student/adult fans of the Hawkeyes to show some class and hospitality to our visiting fans.

The current players and coaches of the Nittany Lions had absolutely nothing to do with the horrible child-abuse issues in the Penn State Athletics Department. In fact, these players and coaches have given up all of the postseason glory and face potentially devastating sanctions to their program but chose to stay with Penn State out of loyalty and dedication to the school.

So wouldn’t it be a classy thing to do to show them some support when they take the field at Kinnick Stadium.  Instead of the regular “boos” from the student section, wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone to stood up and saluted the players and visiting fans by shouting “Penn State, Penn State, Penn State,” or something like that.

Doug Delker

Don’t throw it away on the doughnuts

Maybe I’m crazy, but I strongly feel that the solution to overcrowding in the current jail is not to throw nearly $47 million at the problem, thereby expanding the capabilities of our broken justice system.  

Here’s a proposal: Take $1 million, maybe $2 million, and put in some safety and security measures. Maybe even a treadmill for the overweight cops (hard to stay in shape when you’re not chasing real criminals). Some screening equipment and fire extinguishers shouldn’t set them back too much.  

Want to end overcrowding? Try decriminalizing marijuana.  

According to the FAS, nearly 60,000 pot offenders are incarcerated in the U.S. at any given time. The cost to taxpayers to keep them locked up? $1.2 BILLION a year. I wonder how many of them are violent offenders? Or how about cutting the police budget for buying massive gas-guzzling trucks that they cruise around in all day? Or firing the wanna-be SS cops who patrol the bars in plainclothes?

This is our money we’re talking about.  Don’t throw it away on the doughnut fund.


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