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RE: ‘McElroy: The true problem with the flag’

This article is very well stated. Why is it that we in America tend to focus on the truly unimportant things? Now, don’t get me wrong; I do believe that together we accomplish some rather great things, but individually, we often pay attention to what is right in front of us rather than the true issues at hand, those that are deeper-seated and often unnoticed because they happen to people we don’t know.

For instance, why do many of us worry about what a celebrity (who makes insane amounts of money for silly things) does and ignore the person on the corner with a sign begging for help? What does it matter if some politician flubbed in an interview or made some misplaced statement; there are children worrying about where they will sleep tonight or when they will eat next.

While I may just be iterating the author’s views in some way or another, it bothers me that too many people get bent out of shape over the miniscule that they lose track of the real problems. Perhaps a large amount worry about issues, but think that since they can’t do much about it, they worry about something else. But they can do something.

Charities and other various volunteer organizations are dedicated to helping others with a number if different things and are great activities to be involved with. Individuals can do many great things when they join together. No, I’m not saying that we should all join a charity organization, but I am saying that rather than blowing minor stuff out of proportion, we should focus on what’s truly important for all of us.

Again, I state what the author did. Let’s worry about how we treat people rather than ranting incredulously about what happens to a flag or something similar.

Amber Rowan

Really, Benji? I believe you totally missed the point and used it for political purposes, just like those who call Obama a “Muslim.” You’re the one who needs to get a grip, son.

R. Swanson

RE: ‘Kuntz: The path to substandard living’

What do you mean, “American labor should refuse to compete”? We aren’t competing. We’ve already lost. That’s why our jobs are gone. Do you really think a treaty is going to make employers in Bangladesh start paying American union-level wages just because we ask them to? And before you answer that we won’t buy their goods if they don’t, either someone else will or their people will starve.

If you are going to write about economics, you should at least take an economics course.


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