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ARies March 21–April 19 You may have some interesting ideas, but before you jump in with two feet, make sure they are feasible. Don't let someone you love take advantage of you. A change in your financial situation will be due to your living arrangements.

tAuRus April 20–May 20 Not everyone will lead you down the right path. Listen to what's being offered, but don't sign up. Don't be afraid to branch out on your own if you have a better plan or service to offer. Love is in the stars. gemini May 21–June 20 Listen carefully to what's being said. Someone you are close to may not be telling you the truth. Rely on past experience to help you decipher what's going to unfold. Once you feel certain, express your concerns.

CAnCeR June 21–July 22 An impulsive move will leave you in a precarious position. You are best to get out and network with people who have the potential to help you get ahead. Love is in the stars, and planning something special for two will bring good results.

LeO July 23–Aug. 22 Wager the pros and cons before you voice your opinion. Not everyone will be happy with your choices. Make all your arrangements first to avoid interference. An emotional scene will leave you feeling guilty. Do what's best for you.

viRgO Aug. 23–Sept. 22 Watch every move you make. Someone will be ready to criticize you if you make a mistake. Don't let past problems resurface. Concentrate on the moment and what you can do now to make your life better in the future.

LiBRA Sept. 23–Oct. 22 Resolve issues that are holding you back personally and professionally. Don't stifle the way you feel. It's your turn to speak up and force the changes you need made in order to achieve happiness. Don't let love get you down.

sCORPiO Oct. 23–Nov. 21 Keep up, and take charge. Expect to face situations that require you to move quickly. Love is in the stars, and taking advantage of an opportunity to spend time with someone you love should be your intent. Set your priorities straight.

sAgittARius Nov. 22-Dec. 21 Honesty is a must. Trying to hide your true feelings will only lead to trouble. Size up your situation, and put whatever problems behind you as quickly as possible. Don't feel guilty when you know you are doing what's right.

CAPRiCORn Dec. 22–Jan. 19 A financial problem can make you look bad if you try to cover up a mistake you made. A couple of changes will save the day. It's best to own up to an error and to find a solution. A personal partner needs reassurance.

AQuARius Jan. 20–Feb. 18 Make a decision based on your emotional needs. Broaden your horizons by opening doors that were closed in the past. Reconnecting with an old friend will pay off emo- tionally, mentally, and financially.

PisCes Feb. 19–March 20 Overreacting or being impulsive will make matters worse. Separate your emotions from what needs to be done, and get with it. Don't make a repeat performance with someone who doesn't deserve a second chance. Love is highlighted; choose wisely.





so, i'm writing my next novel ...

It's about an underappreciat- ed part time comedy writer who finds out that his boss is hiding a mummy in the office fridge. Only it's not an ordi- nary mummy, it's a mummy like nobody has ever seen before, and it has mind-con- trol powers that make people feed it capicola and provolone sandwiches — ones in paper bags that are clearly marked and obviously belong to other people in the office ... because some people would rather bring lunch from home because the cafeteria food is expensive and gross. Anyway, it turns out that the mummy isn't even a human mummy, it's the mummy of some sort of human/dinosaur hybrid that is the missing link in the dinosaur-to-human evolution- ary chain, but the govern- ment has to keep it secret because if everybody knew that people really evolved from dinosaurs they would poop bricks, so that's why the main character's boss — who is apparently an undercover spy for both the CIA and the Vatican — has been tasked with hiding it. But he forgets to pay his electric bill, so they shut off his power, and uses the office fridge, even though it's a poor choice for hiding a mummy. But, as it turns out, the main character is a dinosaur from the future (but you don't find out until the very end and then you're all like "Whoa!? He was a dino- saur THE WHOLE TIME!? It all totally makes sense now."), and so he defeats his boss and then he takes the psychic dino-mummy back in time to an alternate parallel future where dinosaurs never evolved into humans, and he sells it to a museum for like a million billion dollars and some baseball cards. It's semiautobiographical.

Andrew R. Juhl thanks Matt Gorman for collaborat- ing on today's Ledge.

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