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BY DI READERS | JULY 20, 2012 6:30 AM

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Archer letter off base

In a letter to the editor ("Democrats' health-care reform flawed," DI, July 17), Republican candidate for Iowa's 2nd Congressional District John Archer said he rejects the health-care legislation because, "It does nothing to improve preventive care and encourage health life decisions. And it does much to create conflict between providers and the rest of the health-care system."

So, Archer's "preventive care" and "health life decision" do not extend to a person actually being able to go to the doctor when a person's means previously did not let him do so and also keep bodies and souls of his family together. For Archer's "preventive care" and "life decision" seems directed at preventing people from getting care.

And left out of Archer's concern over "conflict" is any over the private insurance empire's siphoning away resources for actual health care and also rationing care to enhance its rake and take.

Further, Archer makes no mention of the fact that we have the very best actual medical health care in the world that is so good that people of means come from around the world to secure treatment, but they do not come to buy the lousy private health insurance.

In closing his letter, Archer says of his opponent, "I believe that Congressmen Dave Loebsack, who voted for this bill, did us a great disservice."

No, John Archer, he did not do a disservice to the people of the district he serves, but he did no favors for those big money interests that are funding a campaign to put a person beholden to them into Congress.

Sam Osborne
West Branch

No vote on Moen

At the July 10 City Council meeting, Councilor Susan Mims said that councilors were thoroughly vetted during the campaign process and were elected to do the city's business.

I do not recall any mention during the last council campaign of Marc Moen's proposal to build a 14-story building on the Pedestrian Mall nor any mention of the free gift of $2.5 million of tax money that would help him do this.

But Mims is not alone in her arrogant belief that citizens have no role to play in the development of their city. Councilor Rick Dobyns said that the council should "make such calls," thus dispelling any notion that he gives a rat's tail about what the residents of Iowa City think.

As for the city manager, who seems bent on trying to keep up with Coralville — which in the eyes of many is exactly what's wrong with using public money to finance private development — he might at least try to not act so superior when members of the public address the council.

As for the public benefit arising from the project, I don't see how 18 years of rental/sale dollars going into Moen's pocket benefit anyone but him. Nor do I understand how the loss to the city of nearly $3 million in tax revenues over that same time period is of public benefit.

Moen wrote a personal check to have his personal idea of art put on a public building, and he's writing another personal check to the city for $175,000 to offset the increase in taxes payable by using revenue instead of obligation bonds. I hardly think this man needs our money to make some predetermined profit margin on his project.

To so blithely ignore the wishes of 862 signatures of residents on a petition calling for a vote on this project was clearly done because they knew the TIF gift is highly unpopular.

But in order to get its way, the council had to kick the people itrepresents in the teeth. At least the councilors let us get out the door with our backsides intact.

Carol deProsse
Iowa City resident

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