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BY DI READERS | JUNE 19, 2012 6:30 AM

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DI follows Obama fraud

I will eventually come to grips with The Daily Iowan never offering a balanced political perspective, and that for reasons that have baffled me for decades, budding young journalists will consistently lean "left." I nonetheless must enter the breach and challenge several of your assertions in the (June 15) "Obama's Golden Ticket" piece.

First, President Obama would be pleased that the young and naïve are still enthralled by his policies aimed at a redistribution of wealth (always somebody else's) and their sincere suggestions as to how he can best reach and fool the "middle class" again. I must commend you on your accurate notion that the president cannot run in Iowa based on his failed policies or the ecomony and will not appeal to those whom, due to many factors, have not suffered as much as other regions of the country (generally those dependent on the machinations of Big Labor and lacking the balanced economies of states like Iowa, Nebraska, and even Texas).

Obama loves to "hang out" with celebrities because his own narcissistic needs are stroked by their accolades, it is a rarified setting for the emotionally incomplete and the intellectually dishonest. The hypocritical Hollywood elite, living in lifestyles that the "middle class" cannot comprehend, coupled with their general lack of traditional moral standards, must be be seductive to a man with an impaired moral compass himself.

Your impression of the "middle class" as some variety of monolithic voting mass, to be pandered to is sadly lacking insight. It is just as derisive as lumping "Hispanics" (of which I happen to be) or "African Americans" and sorely inaccurate. The middle class reflects a wide range of beliefs, goals, lifestyles, and perspectives. Obama is facing an uphill battle, fortunately, because he is incapable of supporting his record (even liberal pundits suggest he must avoid defending it) and "middle America" is fundamentally conservative and traditionalistic.

While I will ponder Obama's initial election for years in spite of his total lack of credentials for the presidency, I am still amazed that those seeking to complete a higher education and most of their professors can lack the common sense and insight to see through the deception/seduction of Obama's political efforts … but then maybe it can be chocked up to cognitive-dissonance, you are all so intrinsically — yet sadly emotionally invested in the man.

Mark R. Tims, Psy.D.
licensed clinical psychologist

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