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Donate breast milk when able

If someone is eligible to donate blood to a blood bank, I believe he or she is morally obligated to do so. The same goes for breast-milk donations.

If someone is capable of saving another person's life, especially one of a newborn child, how could anyone pass up that opportunity? Before reading the story in The Daily Iowan, I was unaware of this kind of a donation, as I'm sure many other people were as well. I found the article in Monday's paper about the breast-milk bank to be incredibly informative and heartwarming. Although most University of Iowa students are not going to be able to actually donate breast milk themselves, it is important for us to know that this is a topic that needs more attention. If the process of donating is as simple as donating blood, then breast-feeding mothers should without a doubt donate to the bank. Especially since the mother will also benefit from the process of donation, how could such an opportunity be turned down?

The Heidger twin boys have been saved by this donation, a moving story that should inspire eligible donors to save the future lives of newborn babies to come.

Madeline Cornelo
UI freshman

More wind turbines needed

We are still living in an era in which fossil fuels rule our source of energy. For obvious reasons it needs to start changing now, and advocating private wind turbines is a great step in the right direction.

I believe the people of this country see that there is a problem with our dependency on fossil fuels and that they are becoming a big problem, but all big movements start off small. I'm banking that the people of Johnson County will embrace the idea of using wind turbines as a clean source of energy. The fuel is practically free.

Yes, the structure itself is expensive, but in time we know technology gets cheaper and more efficient. Another plus is, once you buy it, you build it, and that's it. No emissions — it saves the owner money, and it will pay itself off eventually. Some say that they are ugly, but I say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think they are great and are a symbol for change and clean energy.

If there aren't very many private owners of turbines in the future, then what will stop the city of Iowa City, a city that is famous for setting examples in many other things, from switching over to a green energy source and building a wind farm?

I love my city, and I'm very happy to see that it is starting somewhere. We may not live to see the entire nation using renewable energy, but I would want to see the start — wouldn't you?

Kye Grenko
UI student

Plan B should be available to those under 17

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius unfortunately overruled the Food and Drug Administration's approval of the over-the-counter Plan B One-Step emergency contraceptive for females under the age of 17. No health secretary had ever publicly overruled the FDA before this case on Wednesday.

After all the concerns of teen pregnancy, one would think the vast majority would be for this form of birth control. Scientist and politicians have been at odds for years whether to make Plan B available over the counter. After all, who do we trust with our health: scientists or politicians? The studies and experts all agreed that young women would benefit from having easy access to the pill and did not need the intervention of a health-care provider. Also, there are many drugs available over the counter that are far more dangerous than contraceptives, such as acetaminophen, which is available to everyone.

Instead of safely preventing unwanted births, an opportunity was lost to possibly lower the unintended pregnancy rate for the age group. Overruling the recommendation of the FDA scientists suggests that the decision had been driven by politics and not science.

Sara Nelson
UI student

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