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BY DI READERS | AUGUST 22, 2011 7:20 AM

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Watson may have been pressured by police

Recently, newspapers throughout the area published articles about Ryan Watson and how he “faked a hate crime.” If this is true, the police will have wasted valuable time and resources.

The truth about that night is that nobody knows what happened other than the person(s) involved.

Maybe Watson lied. Maybe he didn’t. We have to also realize it is possible that the police pressured Watson to state that the attack was fabricated.

Let’s remember the truths that are indisputable in this case. 1) Regardless of how it happened, Watson sustained serious injuries that night. 2) The primary responsibility of the police is to protect the public. If Watson was pressured to change his story for whatever reason, the police in this town are failing to perform their most basic and necessary duties.

Watson put himself in a vulnerable position by speaking out about hatred in this community.

Instead of protecting this vulnerability, the police and media may have soiled Watson’s name without fully understanding what happened. Instead of the dedicated friend and teacher, Watson will now, unfortunately, possibly be remembered as a liar.

The worst part of it, however, is because of the way the situation was handled, others may be discouraged from reporting attacks in the future. How many times have people been assaulted and had their cases dropped because of lack of evidence? How many times has this prevented others from speaking out?

For our community to be healthy and sustainable, we have to constantly question apparent truths and stand up against the things that we know are wrong. Hopefully, Iowa City can remember these values as we move on from this unfortunate situation.

Kate Vohs
UI alum

Time to speak out

It is time for “We The People” to clearly reject the solipsistic propaganda crafted by the right-wing politicians, people who serve the interests of those that have come to the Republican Party and have taken the green stuff that is “red-ink debt” to all other Americans.

A good example of right-wing newspeak is the fabrication of an entity they call the “private sector.” The phrase, in fact, only attempts to hide the identity of the privileged few of great wealth that have pocketed a huge preponderance of the nation’s resources at the expense and destruction of good middle- and working-class lives.

Everyone in this country lives private lives, but thanks to Republican propaganda, only a privileged few at the top of the so-called “private sector” are entitled to benefit greatly at the expense and toil of many.

The solipsism used to quell rightful objection to this piracy is to charge that objectors should not engage in “class warfare.” In this, those that toady in defense of the rape of the American people are just as dismissive of justifiable concern for liberty and justice for all as the queen of France at the dawn of their revolution. With a flick of her silk handkerchief, Marie Antoinette said, “If they have no bread, let them eat cake.”

In our country, there was no bonfire into which all of the money that constitutes national debt was cast and burned; it went into the pockets of the increasingly fewer who have been stuffed full of wealth by Republicans. For everyone else, it is debt — the majority got the red ink and not the loot.

It is time to speak out and once again end this kind of plantation-privileged that existed in an Old South, in which a few privileged “haves” thought they were entitled by God to own people. Now, like Lincoln in the past, it is time to ensure that the government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” does not perish from the earth.

With an end to their entitlement of tax breaks, it is time for the privileged few who took the money — called, “debt” to all others — to start paying it back.

Sam Osborne
West Branch

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