Professor Lewin Controversy: Letters to the Editor

BY DI READERS | MAY 02, 2011 7:20 AM

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Lewin’s remarks honest, at least

I think the responses to the controversy between Professor Ellen Lewin and the UI College Republicans miss a salient point.

While I, no doubt, would be in the Republicans’ camp, I still appreciate the professor’s reaction and subsequent email. Why? Because she was honest and forthright about her opinion, misguided as it was. The fact that she was willing to admit her liberal bias was refreshing, and a quality greatly lacking among college academia, staff and students.

Also it is apparent that of all the classes of people that fall under "protected" status, conservatives and Republicans are not included.

Mike Winkie
Cedar Rapids

Dismiss Lewin

UI President Sally Mason doesn't think a professor sending an e-mail saying “FUCK YOU” isn't grounds for dismissal? What exactly does it take, physical assault? Suppose a conservative professor (if you have one) sent a similar email to GLBT students; would that be shrugged off?

Shame on you all. I'm glad my daughter attends the University of Virginia.

Thomas M. Neale
Baltimore, MD

Stop the Democrat whining

I am a Republican — and I am proud of it.

As I was reading about Natalie Ginty and her situation and her situation, all I could think is that the Democrats are incredibly one-sided. This whole situation could have been avoided if the professor acted more maturely. I thought these people were professional and not little kids.

As I read all the responses to the situation, all pointed fingers at one person: Ginty. Why? Because she's Republican in a liberal town. I thought democrats were open-minded, but all I see is a giant sign saying, “Welcome to Iowa City — but if you’re Republican, get the hell out." This just makes me more proud of being a Republican because this makes Democrats look horrible.

Grow up, Democrats. You have a President now, so you can stop acting like you have it so rough.

Matt Keith
UI alumnus

No problems with Conservative Coming Out Week

As a registered Democrat, I was deeply offended by Professor Ellen Lewin’s response to the email regarding "Conservative Coming Out Week" by the UI College Republicans.

We live in a country where political debate should be welcomed, and members of opposing political view points should feel comfortable stating their cause without negative backlash. The term “coming out” is not a trademarked phrase owned by the LGBT community; it was perfectly acceptable for the UI Republicans to use the phrase in their email.

I found the UI Republican’s email regarding “Conservative Coming Out Week” to be a humorous and positive attempt to engage students in political debate through out the campus. I congratulate the Republicans for succeeding in stirring up a debate and challenging the liberal bias that can be found on nearly all university campuses.

Tyler Ritter
UI student

Republicans, stop whining

Some people are asking why a professor would say, “FUCK YOU REPUBLICANS.”

I'd ask: Why shouldn't she? This is something the Republican Party has been telling America for decades. Here, the local Christine O'Donnell-wannabes spew their vile hatred and when someone finally gives them an opinion they don't agree with, they get apoplectic.

Here's a hint: If you don't want to hear what people really think about you and the rest of your pseudo-Nazis, don't send out mass e-mails full of hatred that can easily be replied to. Second, if you don't want everyone else to know what people really think of you, don't publicize it.

Better toughen up, children. There can be worse responses than that. They're out there, waiting for you.

Brian Sheehy
Coralville, Iowa

Bad grammar is indicative of a lack of serious discourse

I noticed that The Daily Iowan cleaned up the Republicans’ bad grammar. Their actual e-mail listed an event called, “Whose Conservative Anyway?” How did they ever get into the University of Iowa?

For Thursday, their actual e-mail said: "Stick around for a Animal Rights BBQ." Again, how did they ever get into the University?

Natalie Ginty and the whole club show no respect toward thinking people. They come off as a bunch of smirking, self-righteous kids. If they want dialogue, let them speak seriously.

Snide references to animal rights activists and smug use of the term “coming out of the closet” do not invite serious conversation about government, civil rights and public policy.

Elsie Gauley Vega
Iowa City resident

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